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     The safety of our children in school is of paramount importance.  Whether the criminal conduct involves bomb threats, drugs, or weapons, I will ensure that those responsible will be vigorously prosecuted.  Of course, this type of criminal conduct can not simply be addressed by reacting when the issue arises, but I believe there are many ways that the criminal activity can be prevented from occurring in the first place through proactive measures taken by law enforcement in partnership with the State's Attorney's Office.  I firmly believe there is far more that the State's Attorney's Office can do to be of assistance to our educators in providing a safe environment for our children.

    For example, there is no question that obtaining information and proactively targeting for investigation and prosecution those that are responsible for providing illegal drugs to our students is effective in deterring such activity.  As State's Attorney, one of my priorities will be working with our police departments to gather information on drug activity and aggressively prosecute anyone dealing drugs in and around our schools.

    Nevertheless, prosecution is only one function the State's Attorney's Office should serve in protecting our schools.  I also strongly believe providing education to our children about the hazards of using drugs and engaging in other illegal activity is an important function, and would make my prosecutors regularly available to educate the students as to the consequences of such illegal conduct.

Citizens for Brian DeLeonardo, 
Revena DeLeonardo, Treasurer
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