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     Carroll County first responders put themselves in harms way on a daily basis.  When they are put in harms way by someone intentionally, a State's Attorney should aggressively investigate and prosecute those responsible.  Arson is one of the most difficult crimes to investigate, and the lack of experienced arson prosecutors often means that such arsonists go unpunished.

    As State's Attorney, I will aggressively investigate and prosecute arsonists in an effort to protect all citizens, including first responders, who are placed at great risk from such illegal activity.  I will ensure that a well-trained arson prosecutor will respond to every arson scene, and work cooperatively with arson investigators to solve what are complex and difficult crimes.  I have the experience and background in training arson investigators, first responders, and prosecutors around the country, and will ensure Carroll County will be a leader in the area of arson prosecution.

    I first began work with the fire service nearly 15 years ago as a Carroll County prosecutor. As I began prosecuting arson cases, I understood the seriousness and complexity of arson cases and sought to become as knowledgeable as possible. That is why as a prosecutor I attended the two-week Origin and Cause Determination class at the National Fire Academy. Although this premiere class is designed for fire arson investigators from around the country, I recognized that having an understanding of the issues and concerns faced by firefighters and investigators was instrumental in successfully prosecuting these serious crimes.

     Upon graduating from the National Fire Academy, I successfully prosecuted numerous arson cases in Carroll County, and worked closely with the Office of the State Fire Marshall and ATF to pro-actively identify and prosecute arsonists. Indeed, several unsolved arson cases in Carroll County were solved through this joint effort, and convictions were obtained thereby preventing these individuals from setting more fires that place citizens and first responders in danger.  I personally responded to arson scenes day and night to provide on-scene legal assistance, and would ensure as State's Attorney that our fire investigators would again have a thoroughly trained arson prosecutor available to respond 24/7 to provide legal assistance. 


Citizens for Brian DeLeonardo, 
Revena DeLeonardo, Treasurer
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