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    Whether it is taxes, payroll, or trying to market your products or services in a difficult economy, there are many hurdles businesses must address to be successful.  Unfortunately, crime is one of the most damaging activities to any business as customers will simply not shop where they do not feel safe.

    I have spent many years not only owning my own business, but working in leadership positions with business organizations. I am a member of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, and am proud to have been selected to its Leadership Carroll Program. This year-long program spans is comprised of business leaders in Carroll County that are exposed to every facet of the county from agriculture, school operations, hospital services, and the legal system. I have also previously been member of the South Carroll Business Association.

     Moreover, after serving many years on the Board of Directors, I was asked to lead the Reisterstown-Owings Mills-Glyndon Chamber of Commerce as its President. This organization's members include small businesses, community organizations, and even Fortune 500 companies such as T. Rowe Price and Carefirst. Many business members in this organization are in fact also members of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. 

    I have seen in my time with these organizations the devestating impact crime has on businesses, having seen many businesses have to literally close as a result of losing customers because they do not feel safe to shop.  As State's Attorney, I will target for special prosecution business areas suffering from continued criminal activity.  With a strong partnership between the State's Attorney's Office, the police, and the business community, we can ensure that crime is never a reason for a business to fail in Carroll County. 

Citizens for Brian DeLeonardo, 
Revena DeLeonardo, Treasurer
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