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     In addition to his regular in court work as a criminal litigator, for nearly 15 years Brian has continued to provide legal instruction to law enforcement agencies, law students, prosecutors, and fire personnel. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Baltimore, and serves as regular instructor for FBI, ATF, the National Fire Academy, the Department of Homeland Security, the Maryland State Police, and the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. He has lectured throughout the country on issues including search and seizure law, confession law, and expert testimony requirements.

     Brian has served as the legal instructor and consultant for the Maryland State Police regarding legal issues involving the investigation and prosecution of gun crimes. Brian is even regularly called upon to train prosecutors on effective prosecution methods concerning various crimes.

    In addtion to legal instruction, Brian is so highly regarded in his knowledge of constitutional requirments of police investigation that he has frequently been asked to review law enforcement investigation procedures and policies, and advise of changes that must be made in order to avoid unconstitutional practices by police.

    Finally, Brian is one of a very few attorneys in the entire State that is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as an instructor on the proper performance of Field Sobriety Tests.  This in-depth knowledge is a tremendous assets to any State's Attorney in combating the dangers of DUIs.

As State's Attorney, Brian launched the Major Offender Unit with the goal of working collaboratively with all the police agencies in Carroll to identify, investigate, and prosecute the worst repeat drug and violent offenders in our community.  To date, over two dozen of the worst offenders that have remained in the community for years have been successfully prosecuted and are still incarcerated thereby making Carroll a safer community.  Brian also upon taking office immediately assigned a prosecutor to each police agency that has fostered greater communication and enabled our Office and the police to keep Carroll County as the jurisdiction in Maryland with the lowest crime rate!

Citizens for Brian DeLeonardo, 
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