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     Brian graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law, where he graduated in the top 4% of his class. During law school, he received the American Jurisprudence Award for obtaining the top score in his class in Constitutional Criminal Procedure and Federal Civil Procedure, twice competed with the National Moot Court Team, and was twice named among the Who's Who of American Law Students. In law school, Brian wrote a legal article that was published by the University of Baltimore Law Journal that concerned the use of baton techniques by the Baltimore City Police Department, and how such techniques would constitute deadly force. After the publication of this law journal article, and coverage of his article by the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore City Police Department followed his recommendations and changed their training methods in order make sure their police officers were not subjected to any liability in the future as a result of impermissible training methods.

     After graduation from law school, Brian was offered a one year clerkship with the Honorable Charles E. Moylan, Jr., sitting for the Court of Special Appeals for Maryland. During his time in this clerkship, he was able to work closely with Judge Moylan on a number of significant criminal appeals being handled by the Court, and as such, was able to garner a solid understanding of the constitutional requirements at issue in criminal investigations and prosecutions.

     Upon completion of this clerkship, Brian developed extensive criminal litigation experience. He first accepted a position as a prosecutor with the Carroll County State's Attorneys' Office where he ultimately obtained the job of Senior Assistant State's Attorney. During his time with the office, he was responsible for prosecuting a wide range of cases including arson, burglary, drug possession and distribution, DUI/DWI, domestic violence, driving suspended and revoked, gun crimes, juvenile matters, murder, robbery, and white-collar crimes.

     Brian was then offered and accepted a position in the Criminal Investigations Division of the Maryland Attorney General's Office. In this position, he was requested by the Attorney General to establish and supervise the Firearms Trafficking Unit, which is a unit dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of gun-related crimes throughout the State. Brian headed numerous significant investigations and prosecutions involving illegal gun trafficking, many of which involved cooperative efforts of federal and state law enforcement agencies. Indeed, during this time Brian worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the Maryland State Police, the Baltimore City Police, the Baltimore County Police, and many other local law enforcement agencies and prosecutor's offices.

     Brian ultimately decided to leave the Attorney General's Office to form his own law firm where he has continued as a criminal litigator and defender of gun rights. As a strong believer in our Constitution, Brian understands the importance of ensuring the government respects the individual rights of citizens. As such, he has represented many law-abiding citizens seeking to protect their gun rights, including federally licensed firearms dealers and those improperly denied a gun permit.   Brian's experience in private practice litigating some of the most serious crimes also makes him uniquely qualified to lead and train prosecutors. Brian knows the mistakes prosecutors make, and how prosecutors can avoid those mistakes to ensure that convictions of the guilty can be obtained.  Brian has even  developed a true understanding of why people commit crime, and thereby how a State's Attorney can effectively deter such criminal conduct from occurring.

Citizens for Brian DeLeonardo, 
Revena DeLeonardo, Treasurer
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